Welcome to Roots, Rhythm, and Rhyme!! This is my very first blog and it is dedicated solely to a dear love of mine: Music.

Roots, Rhythm, and Rhyme will feature information about various types of music, and will give special attention to one of my favorite genres:jazz.

There are two pages dedicated to jazz, one of them being the Ladies First section, which has information about female jazz instrumentalists.

This blog has been in the making for a while, and honestly should have been up a long time ago. But I guess I was waiting for a time when I could officially say I was a music writer/historian, a title which I am still striving to obtain. What I call myself for now is a music writer/historian in the making. Regardless of my title, I just could not wait any longer to share my thoughts about my love with others.

Musical history is something that I became interested in when I was in college, but I never thought that four years later, it would be a passion of mine and something that I would want to explore on a deeper level.

I want to thank my mentors for challenging me to dig deeper into the sociopolitical aspects of music and look at it not just as something that’s nice to listen to, but as a form of art which merits more exploration on an academic level.

I must admit, I’m still very much in the beginning stages of my career as a music writer/historian. It is with this blog and future writings that I hope to explore African American musical culture, and share my thoughts on the progression of this music.

I hope you enjoy:)


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