New Artists for 2012

It always excites me to see young, up and coming artists striving to make their mark on the music scene and captivate others with their talent. Although it has become a lot easier for artists to make a name for themselves through reality shows such as American Idol and The X Factor, that doesn’t mean that everyone who can sing or play an instrument uses the television outlet to make it to the top.

Sometimes, the greatest musicians can be found playing in small clubs, on street corners or on YouTube.

There is creativity in every borough, city, and village in the world. Detroit is one city in particular which has bred some of the most talented musicians and has had an indelible impact on both music and American culture.

And as a lifelong resident of Detroit, it is always extra exhilarating to see creative talent continuing to spring from the city’s already legendary musical landscape.

I came across a lot of great local talent this year, but two groups in particular caught my interest and in getting to know more about them and their music, I could see that they are determined to  make their mark on the music scene in 2012.

Roc Stea’D is a young, hip female duo whose music is a cross between hip hop, pop, and alternative. Their mixtape, No Red Lights, was released in September and their first single, “Stack Big Faces,” which is a clever, motivational anthem, has been getting plenty of buzz since its release.

The group is currently signed to the local record label Live the Music Group, and have been touring all over the country.

What makes them different from just any group is their passion for inspiring others, especially young women, and that is reflected in their music. MC Brittany Elliott and Jessica Lamerre are reminiscent of a younger version of TLC, because their styles are completely different and you can hear it in their music.

DollHouse is another girl group who is on the rise and were also recently signed to Live the Music Group. Ryan, Gabriella, and Jasmine  are great, young vocalists who bring a fresh, new flavor to the R&B and pop format. Their a capella version of a medley of songs by artists like SWV, Destiny’s Child, and Adele really showcase their advanced harmonic skills. The group is in the beginning process of their music careers, but expect big things from them in the future.

I chose these music artists in particular, not only because of their talent, but because it has been a while since we have seen R&B girl groups at the forefront of music scene.

Roc Stea’D and DollHouse are fresh, new additions to the girl group format and have what it take to become stars.

So, instead of having to dust off our TLC, SWV, or Supremes albums, we may get the chance to hear more of the distinctive sounds of collective female artists from the D in 2012.

Check out my article on Roc Stea’D for Real Detroit Weekly: Steady as she goes: Roc Stea’D brings back the girl group


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