Common and Drake: Really?

Other than getting annoyed at random chick fights on reality television shows i.e. Love and Hip Hop, nothing bothers me more than to see talented hip hop artists beefing over petty nonsense. So, you could imagine how upset I was to hear that Drake and Common were trading callous, hardcore verses with one another.

Their beef is allegedly over Common’s ex Serena Williams, who Drake just happens to be in pictures with all of a sudden and has been caught hanging out with. I would hate to think that Common had to diss Drake just let out his frustrations over his break-up with Serena. If anything, Common, you are bigger and better than this.

I grew up on Common’s music and got to know him as this smooth, conscience Chi-town MC who got famous over dissing heavy-weight hip hop artists and voicing his anger over the state of hip hop, not over some girl.

I, as well as many other hip hop fans fell in love with the legendary track “I used to love her”  where the MC reminisces over Afro-centric hip hop, and denounces artists like the Westside Connection and others who cared more about making money than making good music.

If you’re gonna start beef Common, let it be about making the music better and taking it to a deeper place. Or at least beef with someone that is lyrically on the same level as you are. That’s what hip hop, at its best does.

But, nowadays it seems like veterans in hip hop are intentionally starting beef with young artists just to make themselves relevant again. First Ice Tea and Soulja boy, then Canibus took aim at J.Cole, now Common is stooping down to their level and firing shots at Drake.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

While the intention of Common’s controversial song “Sweet” was to diss a slew of rappers and crown himself the greatest artist in the game, what it did was start a pointless feud that should not have gone as far as it did.

Criticizing Drake’s vocal ability and then doing another diss track intentionally aimed at the MC was not the way to go.

Common, you’re at the point in your career where you don’t need to diss artists just to maintain your relevancy in hip hop. You are always going to be known whether you have an album out or not.

Drake even admitted to Common being a god in the hip hop game, and how he lowered his standards by dissing him.

In “Stay Scheming” Drake raps, “It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads/Guess every team doesn’t come complete with n*ggas like ours.”

And, in Common’s rebuttal beef to “Stay Scheming” he also admits to wasting his time with this unnecessary battle , saying, ” I’m  taking too long with this amateur guy/ you ain’t wetting nobody n*gga, you Canada dry.”

So, Common, the next time you decide to start a beef, let it be with someone who was rapping in the early 90s and knows about what real hip hop beef is. Don’t waste your time.

And please, tell Ice Tea and Canibus to do the same.


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