New Tunes: “Stolen Moments” by Dr. Guy’s Musiqology

It’s been a while since Dr. Guy’s MusiQology has released some eclectic jazz tunes for our listening pleasure, but we are finally getting an earful of new music from the Philadelphia-based jazz band.

The band,led by noted music scholar and pianist Dr. Guthrie Ramsey just released the new single “Stolen Moments” from their upcoming album, The Colored Waiting Room.

The band puts a neo-soul/funky spin on the jazz standard, originally composed by Oliver Nelson, but it is jazz singer Denise King, who’s seductive, yet graceful vocals make the song so appealing.

The group has been keeping the rest of the tunes from the new album under locks, but if they are anything like the first single, then it surely will be an exciting musical experience for all listeners.

Dr. Guy’s MusiQology was formed and 2003 and released their critically acclaimed debut album, Y the Q? in 2007.  Their music incorporates a clever mixture of R&B, funk, soul, Latin, and hip hop.

To find out more about the Dr. Guy’s MusiQology and their new project The Colored Waiting Room, check out

Check out the new single: “Stolen Moments”

And check back every week for new tunes from Roots, Rhythm, and Rhyme.


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