SWV takes us back to ’90s R&B with new single

If its been a while since you’ve heard an amazing R&B female group, then you’ll be pleased to know that SWV is coming back to the music scene.

I  was truly ecstatic when I heard about their comeback, not only because of the serious lack of R&B girl groups in the mainstream right now, but because their music was the soundtrack to my childhood.

I grew up on soulful, R&B songs like “I’m So into you” and “Weak” and can remember numerous occasions where my friends and I would make up dance routines to their music, pretending to be as cool and hip as Koko, Taj, and Lelee.

SWV, which stands for Sisters with Voices, was a part of the early 90s new jack swing explosion, where artists such as Mary J Blige, TLC, Boyz II Men, and Jodeci burst onto the scene with this fresh, new sound which combined elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop music.

SWV’s debut album, Its About Time spawned numerous hits, including my favorite  “Right Here [Human Nature Remix], in which they sampled the gentle, synthesized ballad from Michael Jackson.

The group continued their success with later albums such as 1997’s Release Some Tension, which contained the hit singles “Rain” and more hip hop influenced tracks like “Can We” featuring super producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland.

After a while out of the limelight to pursue other projects, SWV is back to reclaim their spot in the R&B realm.

Their new single “Co Sign” is an up-tempo R&B track that will remind you of their earlier work. The group even throws in references to their first single ” Right Here” in the chorus line of the song.

“Co-Sign” is the first single off their new album I Missed Us, which hits stores on April 10.

SWV may have missed being together, but we missed their music even more.

And thank you guys for letting me relive some of the days of my childhood.

Check out “Co-Sign”

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