The Grammy’s don’t live up to expectations

If viewers of the Grammy’s were thinking anything like me, then they were reluctantly anticipating the Whitney Houston tribute all throughout the show.

I kind of figured nothing big would happen until the middle of the show, but no one could deny that Houston’s spirit was definitely in the building.

Grammy host LL Cool J started off the show in a most appropriate way: by saying a prayer for Houston and her family.

And in the beginning, artists mentioned her name when announcing an award and during certain performances.

But, in the end, instead of getting a full fledged tribute filled with expected performers like Chaka Khan, all we got was a three minute (if that) a capella performance of Houston’s signature hit “I Will Always Love You” by Jennifer Hudson. Facebook and Twitter went crazy over that small honor, and so did I.

Hudson did a great job, and truly captured the essence of the song, that part I was not worried about. But, after her performance ended, the show went to commercial, came back, and there was not another Whitney song or mention for the rest of the show.

Maybe I’m being a little hard on the Grammy’s considering the last minute addition, but in the end, there could have been a little more done, especially to make up for some of the redundant and wacked out performances.

I was really happy that Chris Brown won a Grammy for his album Fame, but I was not too thrilled about his act, which focused more on dance  as opposed to him actually singing.

And no one was quite prepared for Nicki Minaj’s  exorcist-themed performance of her new single “Roman Holiday.” Good thing her performance aired late so hopefully no one under the age of 12 saw it.

Adele and Bruno Mar’s performance were two of the best performances of the night and somewhat made up for the duds. Granted they both incorporate 60s soul in their music and style, Adele and Bruno know how to belt out a tune with much conviction and make it appealing to audiences.

And predicable outcomes.

Part of the anticipation for the Grammy’s usually comes from finding out who will win the record of the year, best new artist, or album of the year.

I think everyone already knew ahead of time that Adele was going to win every award she was nominated for. There was no surprise at all, which is mainly expected to keep peoples attention.

Just think of last year’s show when jazz artist Esperanda Spalding beat out teen heartthrob Justin Beiber for best new artist. Now that was surprising, but I could not have been happier for Spalding because she is truly an amazing artist.

A level of balance would have helped out a little, like having Bruno Mars at least win Best Pop Solo Performance for his song “Grenade,” which was just as melancholy and touching as “Rolling in the Deep.”

Maybe Next Year

At first I was really upset over the thin tribute to Houston, not to mention the almost non-existant reference of Soul Train founder Don Cornelius.

But, I’ve got a solution that hopefully will be taken into consideration for next year’s show.

Grammy producers, you’ve got one year to come up with a decent tribute to Whitney Houston, Etta James, and vocalist Vesta Williams.

I’m sure there will be plenty of show acknowledgements to these music icons this year, but that does not mean that you are off the hook.

And please leave Nicki Minaj off the performance list.

That is all.


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