Nelson George’s “Finding the Funk”

How would you describe funk music?

Bootsy Collins and Nelson George on the set of “Finding the Funk”

“It’s our life,” says Bootsy Collins.

“It’s rhythm and blues from people who wanted to cuss, but were on the edge of it”  states Sly Stone.

D’Angelo says its “Black rock “n” roll.”

For all those who have soaked up this enticing music for decades, but never really asked the question of just what is funk music, Nelson George has an answer for you.

The filmmaker, historian, music journalist, and writer  has set out to explore the roots of funk music in the documentary Finding the Funk.  He will be tracking the evolution of funk music from its roots in the Midwest to its continued force in various genres of music.

Innovators of funk music like Bootsy Collins and Sly Stone as well as musical artists such as D’Angelo, Marcus Miller, Mtume, Vernon Reid, and Sheila E will be featured in the documentary and give their take on the urban music.

The idea of creating a funk doc came from Arthur Baker, a veteran record producer who has worked with legendary hip hop artists like Afrika Bambaatta.

The documentary is heading into post-production, but they need your help to put the finishing touches on the film. Check out the Finding the Funk Kickstarter page to learn more about this project and donate funds.

The roots of funk music is a story that needs to be told. This genre’s significance on musical culture is unparalleled and lets not forget that hip hop, one of the global musical forces on this planet was influenced by funk music.

And just to put my take on funk: I believe it’s  a gritty, powerful music that inspired a generation of artists. Funk never dies, it is eternal.

To donate to the documentary on Kickstarter, click here

Check out the trailer for Finding the Funk below.


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