Black Music Month: Celebrating the past, present and future

Other than February, June is another historical month for African American culture as its the month we celebrate Black Music. June was designated as African American Music Appreciation Month in 1979 by former president Jimmy Carter.

It would be impossible to highlight all of the African American artists who have changed the face of music and American culture. But, I’d like to highlight a few artists who have made a significant impact on music culture.

So let’s start off the month with one of my all time favorite R&B groups Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. This group was one of the pioneers of the quiet storm genre, which fused contemporary R&B with smooth soulful harmonies.

The group, which was originally called Raw Soul hails from The Bay Area and launched their career in the early 1970s with the help of music icon Marvin Gaye. Their first album, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly spawned a number of classics including “Happy Feelin’s,” “While I’m Alone,” and my personal favorite tune “You.”

Here are a few tunes from the group. Next week, we’ll explore the music of the classic hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest.




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