Queen Bey does it again.. and no one saw it coming

Beyonce managed to redirect everyone’s attention away from the superstitious appearance of Friday December 13, and focus on her. If that isn’t one heck of a brilliant marketing scheme, then I don’t know what is. And what makes it so mindblowing is that no one saw it coming! Last Friday, Queen Bey shocked fans across the world with the unannounced released of her self-titled 5th solo album via iTunes.

When Bey does something, you know it’s going to big and totally different from your standard musical expectations. I’m almost convinced that her, Kanye and Jay-Z are plotting to take over the music industry and pretty soon every pop music artist will be reporting to the YE-BEY-JAY headquarters. That’s just my crazy little theory, but when you sell like Beyonce, especially in the era of illegal downloading, then that says something about your impact as an artist. So, let’s get to the album, which is the reason why everyone is going bonkers. Beyonce is a visual album compiled of 14 songs and 17 videos, which I’ve never seen done before on a project and further adds to the hysteria surrounding the piece.

Beyonce is full of shock value imagery, sexually explosive lyricism, eclectic beats, R&B minimalism, hardcore H-town attitude, female empowerment, and emotional displays of family life, which includes a special song named after her baby girl Blue Ivy. This is Bey like you have never seen her before, at least not on record. She pushes her  grown woman facade to another level and has brought back the excitement of music videos, which used to be the most important way for artists to allow fans to visualize their music.

Beyonce hasn’t officially come out with a first single from the album, but based off its atypical release, she may want her fans to just soak in the 15 tracks, and enjoy the fact that she is back and better than ever.

So, what drew Bey to come up with such a unique marketing plan for her album?

According to a statement released along with the album, Beyoncé said she was “bored” with the old model of album releases and wanted to “speak directly to [her] fans.”

Well, her fans are sure enough listening and seem to be completely thrilled with her new music and creative display of the album.

Bey sold over 430,000 units in one day and the album is steadily selling, expecting a guaranteed number one debut on the Billboard 200 Charts, according to Billboard.com.

The press has been hinting for months that Beyonce would be releasing new music, especially after she dropped a new song “Grown Woman” during a Pepsi commercial earlier this year. But, months went on and the only thing she had to keep people content was her worldwide tour The Mrs. Carter Show. Now, with the album out without no warning whatsoever, the press has been scrambling to get together a proper album review which fully captures the essence of this Beyonce experience (myself included).

So, look out for a more in-depth album review soon. But, you never know Bey just might release another full blown album before we even get a chance to fully take in the first one.

To check out a preview of the album, CLICK HERE.


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