Drake gives his all during Detroit stop of Would You Like a Tour

Drake at the Palace of Auburn Hills on December 16. Photo courtesy of Detroit News.

I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t too thrilled about going to the Drake concert, which took place at the Palace of Auburn Hills last night. The show, which was originally supposed to take place in October,  had been postponed due to timing issues and after having to wait two more months to see him, my level of eagerness had just about deteriorated. But, my excitement boosted back up as soon as he hit the stage.

Drake’s headlining “Would You Like A Tour” was one of the most energetic, hyped up and mind boggling concerts I’ve ever been to and that’s real talk. Drizzy Drake shook up the stadium in a major way and literally turned the place into a overcrowded Friday night house party as soon as he took the stage. This is proof of the Canadian rapper’s powerful position in hip hop and his ability to capture thousands of fans with his enticing material.

His latest album Nothing Was The Same truly reflected his goal of showing his fans that he is not the same young MC from back in 2009 when he was on the mixtape come up with So Far Gone. He was on his Jay-Z-ish during the show and the extravagant stage set up further showed how far he has come. Drake is truly at the top of his game.

He stepped out of a massive white circular spaceship looking set with a matching white jump suit and immediately started slinging a few verses from the bass heavy “Tuscan Leather,” the first track from Nothing Was The Same. Before going further with the show, he paused for a bit and just gazed at the 1,000 plus crowd in a sort of “I made it” moment as the audience screamed and cheered for him.

photo 1

Then he jumped into a few songs from  his second album Take Care and had everyone singing The Weeknd’s verses to the minimalist joint “Crew Love” before taking off his jacket (for his female fans sake) and telling everyone that Detroit was one of the craziest crowds he has seen thus far on the tour. Detroit was the second to last stop on the tour and he could truly feel the energy from the D. He returned to tracks from his latest album like the more mellow tunes “Furthest Thing” “Own It” and “Wu-Tang Forever” while a split projector showcased images of a city at night and Drake performing in the middle.

If it’s one thing that Drake can do, its quickly change the atmosphere of a room. He went from slow, ecstasy driven tracks to club bangers, quickly going through a medley of just some of the enormous amount of hit songs he is featured on including “No New Friends, “Pop That” “Versace” and “Stay Schemin.” Even if you didn’t know who made the song, you knew for sure that Drake had spit a verse on the tunes and that his body of work includes some of the hottest jams of the year.

The other side of Drake, his R&B alter ego also made an appearance, this time in an all black outfit. He brought an older young lady from Windsor, Ontario to the stage and sweetly serenaded her with “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” his latest hit song.

Another popular part of the show was the surprise guests he brought out. R&B singer Jhene Aiko joined him on stage during his performance of “From Time” which features Aiko and their onstage chemistry was definitely hot like fire. And Detroit’s own Big Sean rocked the mic with Drake on “All Me.”

From mid-beginning to the end, Drake’s concert was a full blown top rate experience. Hip hop artist Future opened the show, which didn’t spark many flames. But, once R&B artist Miguel hit the stage, the party had begun. Miguel set the stage ablaze with his rock infused band, James Brown dancing imitations and amazing vocal talent, mostly performing tracks from his Grammy award winning second album Kaleidoscope Dream.  

And once Drake came on, it was nothing but pure energy and great music the rest of the night.


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