Kanye West Concert Review: Going out of 2013 with a bang

By now I’m sure you are sick of me talking about Mr. Yeezy, who has been the topic of a few of my posts this year and who just happens to be one of the most talked about people of 2013, especially after the release of his sacrilegiously titled album Yeezus in June. Not to mention his widely publicized relationship with reality diva Kim Kardashian which resulted in a baby named North West and an over the top proposal to his baby mama.

Yeezy is sure enough going to end up on every “most talked about person of the year” list, so I thought it would best to end 2013 with a concert review of none other than the self-proclaimed saviour of hip hop.

On December 19, Air Yeezy landed in Auburn Hills at the Palace to perform the third to last show of his national Yeezus Tour, which featured rapper Kendrick Lamar.

I’ve always thought of Kanye as a demented soul and creatively eccentric genius, but after attending his very weird yet exciting Yeezus concert, I’m convinced that my biased theory is right on the target.

There is no escaping extravagance, arrogance and braggadocishness when Kanye is in the building and he made that clear, from the huge mountain-esque stage set-up complete with demonic wolf impersonations and half-naked women to the tricked out mask he wore for most of the show. Even before the show started, he created the illusion that this was going to be a different type of concert experience by playing eerie, mystique background music symbolic of the over the top experience that was about to go down.

Over the summer, everyone thought Kanye was beyond nuts when he released his religiously titled Yeezus album in which he refers to himself as an almost equally perfect spirit. So, with giving everyone the impression that he was a god, why not keep up the charade? He did just that from the beginning til the end. A bright light shined down on the middle of the stage as white angels slowly entered and Kanye kept the crowd in anticipation of his arrival by waiting over five minutes before he came out from the back and immediately went into techno heavy “On Sight.” The ecstatic energy of both Kanye and the crowd continued as he went through almost all of the songs from Yeezus including a hardcore rendition of “Black Skinhead,” “I’m In It” and “New Slaves.” During a somewhat ceremonial performance of “I am a god” his entourage of females lifted him up while he rapped about him being a superior being. He didn’t spend the entire show on Yeezus, but went through a ton of his older material. The mood changed a bit when he went through tracks from his melancholy auto-tune album 808s and Heartbreak, which he released shortly after the death of his mother Donda West.

The stage rose up far above the audience as he performed “Coldest Winter” while snow flakes fell down from the sky, and went through a few more moody tunes like “Heartless” and an amazing performance of “Runaway love” in which he played the signature opening notes on the piano before going into the song.

Just when everyone thought he was going to continue going through his list of hits, he went on a 30+ minute tirade about his hatred of the media and how he thinks of himself as being on the same level as Walt Disney and Bill Gates. Now this was the Kanye that the media always targets and although his comments were downright arrogant at times, there was no denying that he is completely confident in his musical ability, and that is why his music continues to push the limits of brilliance.

Kanye definitely knows he has some true fans because anyone who wasn’t rocking with him would have sure enough exited the building before his speech was over. A few people weren’t too pleased his long lecture, but soon after, he brought out another Kanye, the guy from Chitown who started out with Jay-Z making beats and used to be more concerned with music than with himself. That Kanye brought out throwback joints like “Through the Wire,” “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” “The Good Life,” and even brought out a white Jesus during his most famous song “Jesus Walks.”

That was the Kanye that I fell in love with back in 2004. 10 years later, he is a million times more popular than he was when College Dropout was released. He proved that during his colossal concert at the Palace filled with 8,000+ fans and from the crazy set up to the enormous catalog list of music, Kanye doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.This is only a prelude to all the things he has in store for 2014.


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