Lil Mama channels ’90s music nostalgia in new video “Sausage”

Lil Mama is known to stir up some media attention. Maybe not in a bad way, but certainly in a eccentric and somewhat funny way. Last we heard of the female rapper, she was taking heat for crashing the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards during Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s performance of “New York State of Mind.” Now, she has managed to set the blogs and Internet afire with her latest bombshell.

On Thursday, the “Lip Gloss” MC debuted her new single, “Sausage,” which, from its sexually metaphoric title, is definitely an ear grabber for more than one reason. For one, the song references a numbers of 90’s R&B and hip hop songs and styles, and even reaches back to the 80’s with its Doug E. Fresh-esque beat box sound. From listening to the first few lyrics, it seems that Lil Mama wishes she was a part of black music’s heyday when Mary J. Blige ruled R&B and Missy Elliott was the hottest female MC in the game(she still is in my opinion). Lil Mama makes sure to include an homage to Blige, Elliott as well as Wu Tang’s classic song “C.R.E.A.M.”

And if the song doesn’t take you back to the 90’s, then the video sure will. A number of scenes in the video are set on a Brooklyn brownstone and in the streets on a hot summer day as the rapper bumps her song while riding down the street and break dancing with a whole crew of millennial B-boys and B-girls.

Since the song debuted, its been the topic of discussion for many music fanatics, including a long discussion on the popular radio show, The Breakfast Club, which is where I first heard the song. Radio personality Charlamagne tha god and Angela Yee gave the song a “pump it” rating, and praised Lil Mama for her un-originality and hot beats. But, not everyone has been as eager to blast the track on their radio. A lot of social media comments have been negative and accused her of ripping off someone else’s style. But isn’t that what music is all about?: Taking from the old and making something new. While Lil Mama heavily used classic references in her song and video, she did it in a unique way and proved that great music from back in the day will never cease to be popular.

Check out the video below:


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