Women in Jazz: Harpist Brandee Younger

There are a lot of women holding down the harp and following in the footsteps of greats like Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane. Harpist Brandee Younger is one of them. The New York native is classically trained on the harp and has performed with such jazz legends such as Ravi Coltrane, Kenny Garrett, and Charlie Hayden. She is also very popular within the hop hop community, having performed with such artists as Drake Talib Kweli, and Lauryn Hill. (She recently performed with Hill on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon )Erin_Pactrice_Obrien.jpg

Ms. Younger earned her bachelor’s degree in Harp Performance and Music Management from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford and earned her Master’s degree in Harp Performance and Composition at New York University. She has released four albums so far, including her most recent album, Wax and Wane .

She travels all over the world performing with her band the Brandee Younger Quartet and she is also on the music faculty at the Hartt School Community Division at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, CT.

Younger has made it part of her mission to honor the memory of Ashby, whose music has had a large influence on her life by paying tribute to her during her performances, in her music as well as educating people about her legacy.


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