Corinne Bailey Rae and Esperanza Spalding: Two soul sisters with new albums

What better way to start off Women’s History Month than to highlight some of the most distinguished young female artists of our generation. And no I’m not referring to Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Yes, they are talented, but when it comes to true artistry, which is stripped of commercial imitation and celebrity fanfare, then musicians like esperan_emilysd_coverar_3000dpi300rgb1000181471bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spalding and singer/songwriter/guitarist Corinne Bailey Rae come to mind. Both have exercised eloquent vocal and musical abilities since debuting their music ten years ago.

Spalding and Rae have been away from the spotlight for a few years (For Rae, its been a little longer), but now they are back with amazing music for the world to enjoy.

Spalding’s latest album, Emily’s D+Evolution was released March 4 to rave reviews. More than jazz fusion, as some would call it, D+Evolution showcases Spalding’s alter ego, Emily and explores a futuristic, funky, electric rock infused journey that encourage self righteousness and emotional harmony. Spalding leaves a nothing to the imagination and pushes her creative lyricism and melodies to the limit which ends with her telling people in a quirky chant to “funk the fear and live your life.” What more can be said?tumblr_ltz60iwdhl1r5hgyfo1_500

Like Spalding, Rae also possessives a unique edge that has landed her multiple Grammy’s and accolades throughout her career. Rae hasn’t released a full length album since 2010’s The Sea. Now, she is back and ready to inject some more British soul into the universe. Her third album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers, is set to be released on May 13, and her new single “Been to the Moon” was released February 26. Rae has always been amazing at taking complicated love triangles and turning them into simplistic, lyrical voyages that leave the heart wanting more. This time, she puts more beat up 70’s funk and synths into “Been to the Moon” as she sings about all the time and effort a person will go for someone they are in love with but don’t get the same in return. Only a couple more months until Rae reveals the rest of her folk-inspired soulful sounds. I can’t wait.


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